A Mic & Dim Lights MTL

A Mic & Dim Lights MTL

A Mic & Dim Lights Mtl is the sister poetry venue to the 2nd largest poetry venue in Los Angeles, hosted by the Royal Poets Society, with Music and beats to provide an ambiance.

New Poets get priority, Singers and MC’s are also welcome. If you make the drive from a great distance, please tell us and we’ll reserve space on the list.

A Mic & Dim Lights MTL are currently on a recess until we return Thursday evenings in the Summer of 2013.

Please stay posted for updates and new developments about our standard “A Mic & Dim Lights MTL” event.


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Email us to reserve your spot on the list at: micndimlights@gmail.com





What others are saying about A Mic & Dim Lights:

“I go to these events for the refreshing authenticity of the people I find there, and on top of that I get to hear my favorite singers and emcees perform weekly. What more could you ask for?  What’s just as nice though, is that every week there’s someone new who blows me away with their skills, their expressiveness, or their passion.”


“This has become the highlight of my week.  Yeah…the rest
of the week is spent in anticipation of the next Thursday evening.
Mic & Dim Lights is where I get my nourishment from, there’s nothing else like it.”


“I love the wide variety of types of people and genres of music that we see here.  But what’s even more beautiful than the vibrant diversity is seeing all these people coming together to have a good time and share their creativity.  These events seem to gather all the nicest and most brilliant people and makes them build on one anothers presence.”


Photos by Brigitte M