“Big Bang MonTreaL” or “BBM”



Starting from a single point of infinite energy density, comes forth a cosmic explosion to mark the new beginning of the MonTreaL artistic universe. Through out the depths of eternity, retaining all the qualities originated billions of years ago, “Big Bang MonTreaL” is a high-pace, heavy hitting, astronomic experience presented once a week by the Sovereign Prerogative Live Creations social enterprise. Taking place in one of the world’s most livable cities, the 15th largest metropolis in north America (also 2nd in Canada), the Triangular Royal Mountain Island called MonTreaL. Ushering in a peaceful and uplifting performance showcase, morally governed to keep diverse communities connected with a shared direction moving forward to redeem, restore and reestablish a perfect harmony. Reaching beyond the outer limits “Big Bang MonTreaL” amalgamates a variety of spaced out styles with intergalactic flavors simultaneously keeping a well grounded “Down to earth” foundation that’s easy to digest simple and plain!!!

Hosted by members of the “Royal Poet Society” with Music provided most often by SPLC’s in house DJ ARTBEAT MTL’s Co-founder Mark The Magnanimous on the 1’s & Piu’s (occasionally Guest DJ).

Stay tuned for more news and daily updates !!!


Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday at L’Escalier/Chaque 1ier et 3ieme Mercredi chez L’Escalier

552 St-Catherine East/Est, MonTreaL