About Us

Sovereign Prerogative Live Creations (SPLC) is well equipped to lead in this rapidly manifesting knowledge revolution and irreversible shift in the global state of mind.
We embrace this fundamentally new world view that encompasses insights from ancient times through current breakthrough knowledge, wisdom and understanding (science).
We recognize that population shifts, resource supply, and technological developments are three major disrupters of the established order which produce phenomena never before encountered in the industrial society.  Thus this economical revolution will not flow from the mobilization of new machines: rather it will require a fundamental revamp of the human context in which art and culture are used.
Our observations brought clear to our mind that when such rare paradigm shifts occur, one has to be a visionary to see beyond the limits of current forms. SPLC happily engage in bringing this rapid change available to you through a growing list of knowledge products and services.  Thank you for entering into the visionary eye of SPLC.

SPLC promotes Social Enterprises of a cooperative structure that infuse and evolve models of knowledge, ecology, spiritual, political, digital, and Internet entrepreneurship.

A key concept in the economic activity of SPLC is that knowledge and education (often referred to as “human capital”) can be treated as one of the following two:

A business product, as educational and innovative intellectual products and services can be exported for a high value return and/or a charitable asset.

We support creation of knowledge by organisms and help encourage them to transfer and better utilize their knowledge that is in tune with peace, order, good government, and human welfare.



Simply because the concept of SPLC has been well received, and has been offered key placement at the center of Montréal’s new knowledge, hip hop, poetry, and overall artistic and cultural development. This urban metropolis is the second largest city in Canada, 15th largest metropolis in North America, and 74th largest metropolitan area in the world. The island of Montreal has a population of 3,635,571 with a multicultural acceptance of the global phenomenon of hip hop culture. Montreal has birthed many leading trends in the powerful “knowledge revolution culture” and urban youth market and lifestyle. The truth is Knowledge, Social, Ecological, Spiritual, Political, Digital, and Internet models of entrepreneurship are regarded as industry forerunners, along with our business membership within The Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement which is comprised of many members holding positions of Montréal’s influential hip hop and spoken word poetry elite, secures SPLC as a future cornerstone within Quebec’s social division of its knowledge economy. Montréal’s city motto: Salvation Through Harmony  along with it being North America’s most musically, artistically, culturally, socially, and spiritually diverse melting pot, shows signs that the people of Montreal are capable of receiving SPLC, through our plan of providing harmonic social engagements.

The key elements (main points) of SPLC conscious are as follows:

  1. Socially enriched entertainment with Knowledge based themes – SPLC will focus on themes that have mass appeal to several levels of consciousness as well as multicultural lifestyles.

  2. Distinctive image features – SPLC will be characterized as an Intellectually driven multicultural artistic family working to solve problems within our society by sharing our Knowledge of art and culture. We will provide musical knowledge products, restaurant and eating knowledge products, art and cultural knowledge products, community empowerment knowledge products, along with many other knowledge products and services. We will organize special engagements offering people an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, with available displays of our Knowledge Products. We will facilitate all events, allowing patrons to inquire and discuss ideas and themes presented in our knowledge products.  We will be in collaboration with key organizers of The Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement as well as the creators of a new sub-cultural urban genre of music called, P.R.I.S.M. (Poetic Rhythmic Intellectual Spiritual Music) which serves as the “soundtrack” to our real life “motion picture.”

  3. Location, location, location — One of our major advantages is that our style of enterprise is in transition to becoming the most influential in the world. With Québec’s cultural history, liberal government, and newly developing urban markets. Montréal is the perfect place to visibly establish ourselves as the premier social enterprise, motivated by knowledge of arts and culture in the labour of raising human consciousness within diverse environments.

  4. Performance appearances – All SPLC engagements and artists will be available for booking upon request. We will speak at the universities, provide work shops, and accept invitations from other organizations and institutions desiring our Knowledge products, merchandise and services.

  5. Quality knowledge products — All would be lost without special attention being paid to the level of our supporter’s consciousness. Therefore, we will provide special engagements that will sooth the soul of people, allowing them to enter into higher levels of awareness, using simple themes that reflect the present conditions, ideas, and desires prevalent within our present and future society.

  6. Exceptional free merchandise and service’s — In order to reach and maintain a unique image of quality, we will provide free attentive and friendly merchandise and services through a high social involvement with our supporters and in the community. We will invest quality time in establishing relationships with persons, groups, and organizations, while displaying our multicultural socially enriching business ethics.

  7. Star Quality–we will support artist with unique histories, life stories, network contacts, along with our membership within the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement to place ourselves in the position of Montréal’s number one Social Enterprise.

SPLC’S expected business outcome is to:

  • Capitalize on excellent location opportunity with swift support of the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement. Capitalize on excellent location opportunity with swift commitment to Quebec’s knowledge economy and rich multicultural existence.

  • To launch intimate community forums along with highly publicized performance engagements.

  • To maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management.

  • To flood the area with implicit messages of our Knowledge products and free merchandise and services.

  • To recruit prominent figures within the intellectual, artistic, spiritual, ecological, political, and ethnic communities.

  • To capitalize on the image and network of the International Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement.

  • Provide exceptional engagements while giving free knowledge product, merchandise and service that leaves a sincere, loving, and lasting impression.

  • Consistent entertainment atmosphere with high knowledge product and free merchandise/service quality.

  • Large social contributions aiding the development and growth of the local, national, and international community.

We see SPLC as appealing to five major thought patterns, four major fields, and one major audience.

Patterns of Thought:

  1. Intellectual–Due to the “knowledge revolution culture’s” influence over the intellectual market we will appeal to this crowd because as it continues to make shifts in paradigm their will be a rapidly growing need of social knowledge products and services. Aesthetic presentation of fresh new academic and scholarly infused knowledge products will aid in popularity growth within this market segment.

  2. Social—By creating a variety of environments appealing to children, college students, young adults, mature adults, and the elderly, we will secure a natural progression of support between the children’s to elderly markets with core focus on the high school to young professional. Through word of mouth, and grass-roots marketing, SPLC expects a monthly increase in knowledge product and services support from this segment. The construction of new major student housing facilities in our area is a sign of increase in student population also signalling expansion in this segment of the market.

  3. Environmental—Due the global demand for environmental protection we will develop support from individuals, organizations, and other business’ who believe in protecting the environment while building economic prosperity. This segment will play a key role in the greater support and community endorsement of our knowledge products and services especially with Eyes Wide Open’s public declaration to evolve “green living” into a more formidably attractive and popular lifestyle. Montréal alternative and environmental communities and sub-cultures provide much room for growth within the segment, with the presentation of new, informed, and hip environmental knowledge products and services.

  4. Political- With artistic political actors within the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement, and our open support for good government and policy, SPLC’S politically charged special engagements, knowledge products and services will gain support by all attracted to the most publicly important political issues. By implicitly challenging or supporting initiatives put forth by political parties, politicians and governments we will develop influence over this market segment.

  5. Spiritual—Montreal being a metropolis with over 144 different ethnicities indicates the diversity of religious and spiritual belief systems that have yet to be socially catered to. The fact that Montreal is the worlds center for new age religious movements also indicates an untapped market segmentation that has great potential for growth and development with the proper presentation of Spiritually infused knowledge products and services designed to aid in raising the areas collective consciousness of spiritual practices that will contribute to understanding and solidarity between ethnicities in the ultimate work of progressive multicultural social improvement.

Four Major Fields

  1. Music–The Montreal Music Scene has recently garnered much attention in popular media (The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, BBC, NPR…). The growing success of the current “scene” owes much to the sub-cultural influence of the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement, but it is mostly driven by the annual array of Montreal Music Festivals. The city’s culture, a melting pot of nations from around the world, has produced a variety of artists, groups, collectives, and bands that are currently enjoying the limelight of “Montreal’s music scene.” With Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement members pervading all styles and genres of music, while leading the local hip-hop culture, Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement yields the most powerful potential influence over this market, with our musical knowledge products already in international demand.

  2. Restaurants—Montréal has a wonderful dinning industry with growing segments in ethnic and health conscious restaurants. Our catalogue of artistic and culturally diverse knowledge products of healthy eating will allow us to immediately gain support from this large market of cuisine enthusiast.

  3. Art and Culture-— With our rich Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement membership of international artist, SPLC has already made a place for our selves among the most rapidly rising within this segment. Our alliance with Je Me Souviens Gallery of Cultural Arts, along, with the elevated distribution of our artistic and cultural knowledge products and services will secure our position among Montréal contemporary art and cultural elite.

  4. Community—By aiding in the swift development of C.E.S.(Community Empowerment Services) we will create a new market segment, gaining community support with the presentation of a new line of community empowerment engagements, knowledge products and services to be infused with leading information of legal aids, career builders, and overall community organisation and improvement techniques.

SPLC’S Major Audience

  1. Hip-Hop– Hip hop is credited with helping to reduce inner-city gang violence by replacing physical violence with dance and artwork battles. In the early 1970s, youth began organizing dance parties as a means to combat oppressive socio-economic restraints. These parties became so popular they were moved to outdoor venues to accommodate more people. City teenagers, after years of gang violence, were looking for new ways to express themselves and change their social conditions.  These outdoor parties, hosted in parks, became a means of expression and an outlet for teenagers, where “Instead of getting into trouble on the streets, teens now had a place to expend their pent-up energy,” while exercising their intellectual faculties and cultural identities. Though created in the United States by African Americans and Latinos, hip hop culture and music is now global in scope. Youth culture and opinion is meted out in both Israeli hip hop and Palestinian hip hop, while France, Germany, the U.K., Brazil, Japan, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean have long-established hip hop followings. According to the U.S. Department of State, hip hop is “now the center of a mega music and fashion industry around the world,” that crosses social barriers and cuts across racial lines. National Geographic recognizes hip hop as “the world’s favourite youth culture” in which “just about every country on the planet seems to have developed its own local hip hop scene.” Through its international travels, hip hop is now acknowledged as a “global musical epidemic,” and has diverged from its ethnic roots by way of globalization and localization. These facts show that the hip-hop audience is the future therefore we intend to project our efforts most stringently to this audience.

More and more business travelers and tourists are finding themselves in Montréal every year. This is made evident by the increased demand and subsequent expansion of the local social market. We plan to reach these people through direct marketing, such as regular show appearances, and community involvement through the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement. We anticipate a gradual growth rate as our relationships grow with local record labels, artist collectives, and other businesses involved in the “Knowledge Revolution Culture.” Word of mouth recommendations from progressive establishments within society, as well as the patronizing of our movement and culture by close associates, friends, and families will help fuel SPLC growth. Our future plan is to establish a knowledge economy with the ability to function as a major social entertainment and global community developer.  We intend to heavily utilize entertainment-oriented marketing and free merchandise and services in an effort to withstand the perpetual shift in trends and cater to as large a client base as possible.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “free” as not subject to legal constraint of another. Also, having power to follow dictates of own will; not subject to the dominion of another. Not compelled to involuntary servitude…enjoying full civic rights. Prominent under the word “freedom” is self-determination; absence of restraint and the power of acting, in the character of a moral personality, according to the dictates of the will, without other check, hindrance, or prohibition than such as may be imposed by just and necessary laws and the duties of social life.

Therefore SPLC does not permit the SALE of any product or service but rather secures a free market of exchange. Each organism reserves the right to determine the method and manner of their exchange, under the protection of Law. All Values on knowledge products and services exchanged within SPLC are determined on the intangible qualities of the products exchanged in relation to the material goods and services given.

All material products are given FREE.

Support SPLC and reclaim your freedom to do good business.

SPLC is silently supported by prominent and prestigious traditional and non-traditional families, orders, and organizations within the international community.

We must give special thanks to those who have drawn themselves together within the diverse melting pot of the Canadian Shield, as present witnesses to the rise of a new Quebec, Canada, being birthed through the beacon of Montreal.

If you would also like to be a supporter please contact SPLC.

No human being is too small or great to support that which is good.